Roots of Empathy in the UK

 (RoE) is an evidence-based classroom programme that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression and bullying among schoolchildren.

The programme 鈥 for children ages 5 to 13 鈥 has been delivered to more than 3,000 children in 29 primary schools in Lewisham, London since 2012.

It works by raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy, resulting in the development of social behaviours such as sharing, helping and including others.

The programme is delivered by instructors who are trained and coordinated through by the Early Years Alliance.

At the heart of the 27-session programme are classroom visits by a parent and baby, where possible from the school community.

The parent and their baby visit the class every three to four weeks, totalling nine family visits.

The children observe the power of the baby which prompts them to explore their own feelings and temperaments, and of their classmates around them.

The curriculum is attuned to the development and interests of the children and divided into nine themes, with three classroom visits supporting each theme (a pre-family visit, family visit and post-family visit).

Roots of Empathy goals

To foster the development of empathy.

To develop emotional literacy.

To reduce levels of bullying, aggression, and violence and promote children鈥檚 pro-social behaviours.

To increase knowledge of human development, learning, and infant safety.

To prepare students for responsible citizenship and positive parenting.

Roots of Empathy results

100% of teachers who have been involved in the programme strongly agree, or agree, that as a result of Roots of Empathy, students are more inclusive or accepting of others who are different from themselves, including culture, race, special needs and gender.

鈥淏efore Roots of Empathy lots of people were being rude to each other and not knowing how the other person felt. Because empathy means putting yourself in the other person鈥檚 shoes and feeling what they feel, I think that now we know what the other person feels.鈥 鈥 Year 5 pupil.

鈥淚 saw a more emotional and sensitive side to the children when they interacted. Roots of Empathy has allowed them to understand it is okay to talk about sensitive topics without having a negative reaction. If they are able to express how they feel I am able to break down any barriers to learning.鈥 鈥 Class teacher

鈥淥verall children are more able to verbalize their feelings and deal with social issues. Children are more able to name and identify emotions that they could not before (e.g. jealousy). The children are now more aware of their own (and other鈥檚) feelings and how to deal with them. They are also aware of how to care for themselves and a baby. Overall I think it gives them key skills to become a well-rounded citizen.鈥 鈥 Class teacher

鈥淭here has been a positive change in the aggressive behaviour of the children. Children are able to deal with their aggression, psychological and emotional behaviours.鈥 鈥 Teacher, Year 5.

鈥淧upils respect each other鈥檚 varied backgrounds and the thoughtful personal and social education programme run by the school enhances this. Lessons such as 鈥楻oots of Empathy鈥 contribute significantly to this development.鈥 鈥 Lewisham Primary School OfSTED report

鈥淚 have seen the most significant impact of Roots of Empathy in families where there have been known challenges with care and parental support.

"The children have really relished the opportunities to spend time with a baby and have observed the close relationship between child and parent. It has been beneficial to work with a baby [and father] as it has allowed the children the opportunity to see a man who is associated with sport and activity is able to fulfil the father role.

"Furthermore, in being able to see a positive male role model it has enabled a child to disclose some of the challenges he has had with his own father. I have also observed that in my class the boys are the group that are responding most to the baby and who are generally more vocal in the sessions. I find this very encouraging!鈥 鈥 Teacher, Year 3

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